You've never seen the Rockies like this before.

From October 13-22, 2017, Jasper invites stargazing adventurers to get lost
in the wonder of one of the world's largest Dark Sky Preserves at the
2017 Jasper Dark Sky Festival presented by Rocky Mountaineer.


Featured Events

Keynote With Brian Cox and Phil Plait

Friday, October 20th

Space science power duo Brian Cox and Phil Plait tackle some of the hottest topics in the Universe in this lively 90-minute conversation and Q & A. They’ll discuss mind-blowing space discoveries and ponder unanswered cosmic questions. Feel your brain blast off with two of today's most popular science educators.

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Saturday, October 21st

Join this rocket-fuelled power panel as they grapple with what we’ve learned from from the exploration of space, and where we’re going next.Moderated by CBC Radio's Bob MacDonald, space-savvy presenters include astrophysicist Rob Thacker, Scientific American Contributing Editor John Rennie, and Rocket Scientist/Explorer Natalie Panek and Greg Redfern adjunct professor/instructor of astronomy.

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Symphony Under The Stars

Saturday,October 14th

Gather under one of the world’s largest Dark Sky preserves for Jasper’s Symphony Under the Stars. Witness the magic of the outdoor Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Strings, spend two nights in luxurious Fairmont accommodations and dine on delectable cuisine prepared by our talented chefs.

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85% of Canadians can't see more than a few stars.
A star-filled sky is one of nature's most beautiful sights. But it's harder than ever to see it. In fact, because of urban light, the night sky has become so bright an estimated 85% of Canadians can't see more than a few stars.