We are excited to welcome Captains Mark and Scott Kelly
to the 2018 Jasper Dark Sky Festival!

Kelly Bros.jpg


To Infinity And Beyond! Extraordinary Life Lessons From The Kelly Brothers

U.S. Navy fighter and test pilots. NASA astronauts. American heroes. Identical twin brothers Captains Mark and Scott Kelly’s career achievements have been almost as similar as they are remarkable. In this session, the Kelly brothers candidly reflect on the experiences and lessons that shaped their views on teamwork and leadership, how they learned to face and overcome adversities, and their personal strategies for adapting to change. From NASA’s Twin Study and Scott’s Year in Space, to flying in combat and personal reflections on dealing with tragedy, to entertaining stories only a sibling could (or would) reveal, the Kelly brothers’ perspective and lessons leaves audiences doubly inspired and motivated.


See you in October!
Jasper Dark Sky Festival Committee

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