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Constellations in the Core

Constellations in the Core

Tour downtown Jasper during the month of October to discover a number of original artwork pieces inspired by the wonders of exploration and discovery by artist Keenan Kirk (Kidpixel) painted on various store front and windows.

Artist Notes:

I’ve always been fascinated with astronomy. One of my favourite memories as a child was learning about the constellations. They always made me feel so small, but also like I wasn’t alone. Connected to different civilizations  across time. Like magic. At that point I only knew a handful of constellations, but over the years my interest continued to grow.

I became aware of different constellation maps across different cultures. Egyptian, Arabic, Ojibwe, Chinese, Belarusian, and many, many more. No matter where you are on the Earth, we all look up at the same sky on the darkest of nights.

I wanted this concept to help educate people beyond the few so called “Modern or Western” constellations that are taught in schools and open the door to something much bigger that connects all of us.

If you‘re like me, hopefully this will ignite that same sense of wonder that caught me as a kid. That same magic.

About the Artist

Keenan is a Canadian Illustrator and Graphic Designer based out of Edmonton, AB. With a primary focus on branding and his sights set on the music industry, Keenan helps artists connect to their fans through compelling visuals utilizing multiple skillsets. Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, and Video Production play key roles in this process.

Instagram: @Kidpixel