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Food Lab

Mixing Food and Science, FOOD LAB is a fun, interactive cooking demo of molecular gastronomy at which ingredients meet technology in quirky cooking techniques to obtain unique flavors, textures and style. The best part? You get to eat.

Solar-Gazing & Planetarium

See local constellations and auroras 40-seat domed theatre, then, look at safety-filtered views of solar flares and other details on the Sun with one of our knowledgeable astronomy experts.

Location: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, meet in the Main Lodge

$39/adult, $19/youth (ages 4-17)


Ever wish you could “drive” a spaceship? What about traveling through time? We get so many requests to let you – the audience member – control the planetarium, we’ve decided to turn the universe over to you! On select days during the Jasper Dark Sky Festival, join us in our domed theatre for a 35-45-minute session where you tell us what planet, space station, moon, comet, star or other cosmic destination (or dimension) you’d like to go to and we’ll take you there! (Don’t have any ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got some back-pocket ideas to start off with.) You may even get a chance to take the controls of the planetarium (er, ‘universe’) yourself!

NOTE: This is a planetarium ONLY activity and does not include telescopes. This activity is different from our other planetarium offerings later in the evening.


After Dark with Alan Nursall

Join us at the Jasper Legion for After Dark.  Test your knowledge with a space and science trivia challenge, hosted by Canadian television personality Alan Nursall. It’s an night you won’t want to miss!

Alan Nursall is a Canadian scientist and President & CEO TELUS World of Science Edmonton, who reported on science news for the Canadian television series Daily Planet and the Alan Nursall Experience on the Discovery Channel.

Music will be provided by James Renton of Edmonton’s own Fire Next Time.


The Race to Mars. Will we launch a crewed mission to Mars in 20 years? What will it take to get there? Join an illustrious panel for an in-depth discussion about the challenges and successes both private and public space organizations have experienced in their quest to land humans on the red planet. This dynamic conversation will surely be an audience favourite. The panel: Dr. Robert Thirsk, Rob Meyerson, Dr. Shawna Pandya, and moderated by Alan Nursall!

Bob McDonald is one of Canada’s best known science journalists, bringing science to the public for more than 40 years. In addition to hosting Quirks & Quarks, the award-winning science program that is heard by 500,000 people each week, Bob McDonald is also science correspondent for CBC TV’s The National and host and writer of the children’s series Head’s Up. Wrap up your Dark Sky Festival experience in an inspiring way by joining this Canadian icon for breakfast. Ticket price includes a hot breakfast buffet.

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions, and TELUS World of Science – Edmonton is proud to present a science exposition so out of this world we’ve had to rename the Jasper Junior/Senior High School where this event takes place to the Jasper Space Station!

Gaze at a giant inflatable Moon and find the locations of the Apollo Moon landing sites. Drive a remote-controlled Moonbot over a Moonscape and perform tasks for your mission. Try your hand at the lunar excursion model on the Moon just like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to do back in 1969! See various science demonstrations on topics such as electricity and magnetism, cryogenics, lasers, and other wonders. See the large Van De Graaff generator put some spark into your life! Make soda pop using a special ingredient and much more! Step into the science centre’s new portable digital dome planetarium and see exciting shows on the night sky and on the history of human space flight! There’s something for scientists of every age to experience at the Jasper Space Station.

NO CHARGE | Jasper Junior/Senior High School

9AM – 1PM |  Telus World of Science – Edmonton Inflatable Planetarium

Step into the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton’s new portable digital dome planetarium and see exciting shows on the night sky and on the history of human space flight!

Saturday’s Schedule:
9:30 a.m. Legends of the Northern Sky
10:00 a.m. Dawn of the Space Age
10:45 a.m. Legends of the Northern Sky
11:15 a.m. Dawn of the Space Age
12:00 p.m. Legends of the Northern Sky
12:30 p.m. Legends of the Northern Sky

All shows are approximately 25 minutes in length.  Schedule subject to change.


9AM – 1PM | Displays and Hands-On Activities:

Large Inflatable Moon
See a large inflatable Moon showing the location of the various Apollo Moon landing sites.

Science Demonstrations
See various science demonstrations throughout the day which includes topics on electricity and magnetism, cryogenics, lasers, and other wonders. See the large Van De Graaff generator put some spark into your life!!  Make soda pop using a special ingredient and much more!

Science Tots Program
Activities geared toward the younger children including dressing up as an astronaut, dot matching, constellation creation, paper circuits and a few other child-friendly activities.

Meet R.O.G.E.R. the Robot
Say “hi” to R.O.G.E.R. the Robot as he roams the exposition.

LEGO® Moonbot
Drive a LEGO® remote controlled vehicle over a simulated Moonscape to perform various tasks.

Lunar Lander Video Game
Try your hand at landing the lunar excursion model on the Moon just like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to do back in 1969!

Brain Teasers
Try your hand (and brain) on some table top Brain Teasers!

Catapults Away!
Can you hit the target!  Try your hand at operating our catapults to hit a variety of targets.

Gravity Well Activity
Try your hand at seeing how matter warps space and how objects react to that warped space.

More Activities

Weather Station Booth – Josh Classen

A lot more goes into forecasting the weather than many people realize and now, at the Big Bang Expo, kids can try being weather forecasters with CTV Edmonton’s chief meteorologist! With the help of special computer programs and a big screen TV, Josh will help participants build their own customizable weather graphics and present a weather forecast.


DiscoverE serves youth, our future leaders, by inspiring and engaging them through fun, meaningful, and accessible science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. Join DiscoverE and try your hand at the following activities:

  • Lunar Landing Challenge: participants will engineer a lunar lander equipped with shock-absorbing landing gear that can keep two marshmallow astronauts safe during landing.
  • Astronaut Glove Box: participants will manipulate objects in a glove box with a separate atmosphere.
  • Straw Rockets: participants will learn about the engineering design process as they create a rocket that can be launched from a soda straw.

Location: Jasper Junior/Senior High School

Edmonton Rocketry Club

The Edmonton Rocketry Club (ERC) is dedicated to the promotion of model rocketry as a hobby. We are a group of individuals interested in building and safely flying rockets of all sizes and power classes, as well as providing guidance & experience to those wanting to enter the world of high-powered rocketry. The President, Michael Latta, and the Director of High Power Rocketry, Ken Mueller, will both be present from 9:00am-12:00pm to display some mid and high powered rockets and to answer any questions. Both of these members hold their level three certificates from the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) which allows them to fly rockets up to 5,120 Newton Seconds of impulse, typically up to an “L” level motor. Both have kids that they have spend numerous hours building and flying rockets with as well as helping out at various school, Scout, community and Telus World of Science (TWOSE) events. In the afternoon, weather permitting, they will be joining with the TWOSE team to launch fly some rockets at Centennial Field!. During the ESTES build and launch session, they will launch a series of mid powered rockets on a variety of motors.

Location: Jasper Junior/Senior High School

Warrior Women

Embark with local Cree artist Mackenzie Brown and Matricia Bauer as they guide you through an exciting art project depicting the dark skies, specifically “CIPAYUK” the Northern Lights. Explore color, Cree constellation stories and the fun art! Matricia is local knowledge keeper and Mackenzie is an avid acrylic artist and traditional First Nations crafts artisan. Her art has been featured in the Pump House Gallery, the Edson Gallery Museum, the Gray Gallery Grant MacEwan, recognized for the Alberta Indian Arts and Crafts Award of 2017, featured for the Alberta Business Competition 2017 and sold to people travelling world wide at Jasper Park Lodge.

Location: Jasper Junior/Senior High School


9AM – 12:30PM | Telus World of Science – Edmonton Outdoor Activities

Pop Bottle Water Rocket Launches (free)
Build your own pop bottle rocket and launch it on our special launchers. Try to get your bottle rocket to land closest to the target and other challenges.

Location: In the School Field

11AM – 12:30PM – Fly Me to the Moon Rocket Launch Demonstrations – Model rocket launches will take place on Centennial Field by the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton and the Edmonton Rocketry Club. Watch as mid-powered model rockets built by members of TELUS World of Science and Edmonton Rocketry Club take to the skies in this exciting event.

Location: Centennial Field

At 12:00pm come celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing as we launch a 1/70th scale Saturn V rocket into the skies over Jasper.

Location: Centennial Field

11AM – 1PM – Build and Fly Your Own ESTES Rocket
Build your own ESTES Spirit or Nova Rocket (almost ready to fly rocket) and launch it (all supplies included for one launch) for $30.00 per kit. Rockets supplies are limited so get one while they last. Rockets available at launch site for purchase.

Location: Jasper Junior/Senior High School

How do you craft an emotional story while translating very technical and abstract information? Drawing from raw tape of interviews with scientists, Jad Abumrad focuses on the inherent struggles in science communication (or interpreting any technical or difficult information) – what happens when you get it wrong, how to fix it, and how it’s useful to embrace error in the process. With opening performance by the Beaker Band from 6-7pm.

STAR package

Attend two great events for one great price! For $50, dark sky enthusiasts can attend both the Keynote presentation by Jad Abumrad AND the fascinating SPACEtalks panel.

Chasing Steve

Chasing Steve is a short documentary about a group of passionate night sky photographers who have stumbled on a celestial phenomenon not formerly studied by scientists and have captured the world’s scientific community’s attention. They humorously named this band of light “Steve” and now astrophysicists worldwide are studying what it could be.

For years, an intrepid group of aurora chasers scattered across Alberta have been photographing a curious ribbon of purple and green light in their night skies. Extending for hundreds to thousands of kilometres and appearing for just a few minutes to an hour at a time, the Alberta Aurora Chasers captured this celestial phenomenon believing it to be a proton arc.

It was not until Eric Donovan, a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Calgary, and his colleague Elizabeth MacDonald, a Space Scientist at NASA, told them proton arcs cannot be seen by the naked eye that they realized they had possibly discovered something new.

Affectionately calling it Steve, the Alberta Aurora Chasers have become citizen scientists over-night and are currently not only documenting Steve for significant scientific research but also being recognized in academic publications for their part in the race to determine what in the world Steve is.

The screening will be 22 minutes followed by a Q&A with filmmakers. Doors open at 9:30am.

Directors: Leah Mallen, Jess Fraser

Producers: Leah Mallen, Jess Fraser

Director of Photography: Thomas Buchan

Composer: Andrew Harris Editor: Aram Coen

Produced for TELUS by All in Pictures Inc and Section 2.

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