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Beyond the Stars

Sometimes the stars don’t align. Due to an unfortunate weather forecast, this evening’s (October 25) stargazing program at Lake Annette is cancelled. We’ll see you lakeside for Saturday’s event (which is still on!) for a night of amazing exploration of the skies.

The following activities will be available TONIGHT ONLY at the Jasper Junior/Senior High School from 8-10pm:
-National Geographic Night Sky Odyssey
– TELUS World of Science Edmonton: “Over the Moon” displays and planetarium programming
– Storytelling by Warrior Women
– Indoor telescope demonstration and slideshow by RASC

“Power down. Look up.”

Join us along the shores of Lake Annette for one of the most memorable star gazing experiences in the world. Offering people of all ages a variety of free, intimate, and interactive programming with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Edmonton Center, Dark Sky Photographers, Parks Canada Interpreters, and other special guests. No charge !

Shuttles: Please note that there will be no parking permitted at the event. A complimentary shuttle service is provided. Busses will depart every 15 min from the Visitor Information Centre Lawn between 7:45pm-10:45pm and return from 8:00pm-11:15pm.

Join us along the shores of Lake Annette for the one of the most
memorable stargazing experiences in the world. Offering people of
all ages a variety of free, intimate and interactive programming with
Telus World of Science – Edmonton, The Royal Astronomical Society
of Canada – Edmonton Centre, Parks Canada Interpreters and other
special guests.


The TELUS World of Science – Edmonton will have telescopes and
science activities related to light and optics set up for this evening’s
star gazing event.


Warrior Women showcase haunting melodies and harmonious
song writing that gives you an experience of a lifetime. Performing
songs written in both English and their native tongue, Cree.


Having worked his way through a variety of Craft- and Communitybased
practices, he currently focuses on lighting design, lantern art,
and light sculpture. You can engage him to light up a small space,
or as large as a week long multi-stage festival, as permanent as
your street lights, or as temporary as a Lantern Walk.


A Dark Sky Augmented Reality Adventure
Come and see how we use the innovative technology of augmented
reality to juxtapose the classical 17th century depictions of the
constellations over actual stars in the night sky in real time. Sit back
and let yourself be transported by an awe-inspiring soundtrack
as you listen to the stories of our ancestors told from a singularly
enchanting perspective. Presentations take place at 8pm, 8:45pm,
9:30pm, and 10:15pm.



Join us on a 2.4 km Easy Guided Hike. Immerse yourself and
experience the moonlit skies of Jasper National Park and learn all
about some of the nocturnal adaptations that help the animals of
the park (including us!) see in the dark. Bring a flashlight and meet
by the red lit up box.
8:15pm-9:15pm / 9:30pm-10:30pm




2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions, and TELUS World of Science – Edmonton is proud to present a science exposition so out of this world we’ve had to rename the Jasper Junior/Senior High School where this event takes place to the Jasper Space Station!

Gaze at a giant inflatable Moon and find the locations of the Apollo Moon landing sites. Drive a remote-controlled Moonbot over a Moonscape and perform tasks for your mission. Try your hand at the lunar excursion model on the Moon just like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to do back in 1969! See various science demonstrations on topics such as electricity and magnetism, cryogenics, lasers, and other wonders. See the large Van De Graaff generator put some spark into your life! Make soda pop using a special ingredient and much more! Step into the science centre’s new portable digital dome planetarium and see exciting shows on the night sky and on the history of human space flight! There’s something for scientists of every age to experience at the Jasper Space Station.

NO CHARGE | Jasper Junior/Senior High School

9AM – 1PM |  Telus World of Science – Edmonton Inflatable Planetarium

Step into the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton’s new portable digital dome planetarium and see exciting shows on the night sky and on the history of human space flight!

Saturday’s Schedule:
9:30 a.m. Legends of the Northern Sky
10:00 a.m. Dawn of the Space Age
10:45 a.m. Legends of the Northern Sky
11:15 a.m. Dawn of the Space Age
12:00 p.m. Legends of the Northern Sky
12:30 p.m. Legends of the Northern Sky

All shows are approximately 25 minutes in length.  Schedule subject to change.


9AM – 1PM | Displays and Hands-On Activities:

Large Inflatable Moon
See a large inflatable Moon showing the location of the various Apollo Moon landing sites.

Science Demonstrations
See various science demonstrations throughout the day which includes topics on electricity and magnetism, cryogenics, lasers, and other wonders. See the large Van De Graaff generator put some spark into your life!!  Make soda pop using a special ingredient and much more!

Science Tots Program
Activities geared toward the younger children including dressing up as an astronaut, dot matching, constellation creation, paper circuits and a few other child-friendly activities.

Meet R.O.G.E.R. the Robot
Say “hi” to R.O.G.E.R. the Robot as he roams the exposition.

LEGO® Moonbot
Drive a LEGO® remote controlled vehicle over a simulated Moonscape to perform various tasks.

Lunar Lander Video Game
Try your hand at landing the lunar excursion model on the Moon just like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to do back in 1969!

Brain Teasers
Try your hand (and brain) on some table top Brain Teasers!

Catapults Away!
Can you hit the target!  Try your hand at operating our catapults to hit a variety of targets.

Gravity Well Activity
Try your hand at seeing how matter warps space and how objects react to that warped space.

More Activities

Weather Station Booth – Josh Classen

A lot more goes into forecasting the weather than many people realize and now, at the Big Bang Expo, kids can try being weather forecasters with CTV Edmonton’s chief meteorologist! With the help of special computer programs and a big screen TV, Josh will help participants build their own customizable weather graphics and present a weather forecast.


DiscoverE serves youth, our future leaders, by inspiring and engaging them through fun, meaningful, and accessible science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. Join DiscoverE and try your hand at the following activities:

  • Lunar Landing Challenge: participants will engineer a lunar lander equipped with shock-absorbing landing gear that can keep two marshmallow astronauts safe during landing.
  • Astronaut Glove Box: participants will manipulate objects in a glove box with a separate atmosphere.
  • Straw Rockets: participants will learn about the engineering design process as they create a rocket that can be launched from a soda straw.

Location: Jasper Junior/Senior High School

Edmonton Rocketry Club

The Edmonton Rocketry Club (ERC) is dedicated to the promotion of model rocketry as a hobby. We are a group of individuals interested in building and safely flying rockets of all sizes and power classes, as well as providing guidance & experience to those wanting to enter the world of high-powered rocketry. The President, Michael Latta, and the Director of High Power Rocketry, Ken Mueller, will both be present from 9:00am-12:00pm to display some mid and high powered rockets and to answer any questions. Both of these members hold their level three certificates from the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) which allows them to fly rockets up to 5,120 Newton Seconds of impulse, typically up to an “L” level motor. Both have kids that they have spend numerous hours building and flying rockets with as well as helping out at various school, Scout, community and Telus World of Science (TWOSE) events. In the afternoon, weather permitting, they will be joining with the TWOSE team to launch fly some rockets at Centennial Field!. During the ESTES build and launch session, they will launch a series of mid powered rockets on a variety of motors.

Location: Jasper Junior/Senior High School

Warrior Women

Embark with local Cree artist Mackenzie Brown and Matricia Bauer as they guide you through an exciting art project depicting the dark skies, specifically “CIPAYUK” the Northern Lights. Explore color, Cree constellation stories and the fun art! Matricia is local knowledge keeper and Mackenzie is an avid acrylic artist and traditional First Nations crafts artisan. Her art has been featured in the Pump House Gallery, the Edson Gallery Museum, the Gray Gallery Grant MacEwan, recognized for the Alberta Indian Arts and Crafts Award of 2017, featured for the Alberta Business Competition 2017 and sold to people travelling world wide at Jasper Park Lodge.

Location: Jasper Junior/Senior High School


9AM – 12:30PM | Telus World of Science – Edmonton Outdoor Activities

Pop Bottle Water Rocket Launches (free)
Build your own pop bottle rocket and launch it on our special launchers. Try to get your bottle rocket to land closest to the target and other challenges.

Location: In the School Field

11AM – 12:30PM – Fly Me to the Moon Rocket Launch Demonstrations – Model rocket launches will take place on Centennial Field by the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton and the Edmonton Rocketry Club. Watch as mid-powered model rockets built by members of TELUS World of Science and Edmonton Rocketry Club take to the skies in this exciting event.

Location: Centennial Field

At 12:00pm come celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing as we launch a 1/70th scale Saturn V rocket into the skies over Jasper.

Location: Centennial Field

11AM – 1PM – Build and Fly Your Own ESTES Rocket
Build your own ESTES Spirit or Nova Rocket (almost ready to fly rocket) and launch it (all supplies included for one launch) for $30.00 per kit. Rockets supplies are limited so get one while they last. Rockets available at launch site for purchase.

Location: Jasper Junior/Senior High School

Project Description: Project Black Hole is a media art installation by Scott Portingale that is debuting at the 2019 Jasper Dark Sky Festival. Using mathematical models and theories of gravitation as inspiration, Scott has created a set of black hole sculptures for the gallery environment. These sculptures are brought to life by projected media that was photographed using in-camera cinematic techniques, giving the sculptures a visual dynamic of the light and matter surrounding the event horizon.

Artist Statement: Black holes are one of nature’s deepest mysteries. They are a cosmic boundary of both physical reality and knowledge. Similar to gravity, the mystery of black holes draws us closer and piques our interest at the potential that lays beyond the event horizon. The fact that we discovered these structures through mathematics a century before observing them brought to my attention that mathematics is not only a pursuit of measurement, it is an observational tool. A probe into the unknown, that carries our imagination to its limits. My background in experimental filmmaking, coupled with an obsession with science, led me to create this work inspired by one of the greatest examples of natural phenomena in the cosmos, the black hole.

Artist Bio: Scott Portingale is a director and animator living in Edmonton, Canada. Scott’s multimedia approach to making films blends in-camera techniques such as time-lapse and stop-motion animation into films with themes rooted in the natural world, the scientific pursuit, and the human experience. His short films have been programmed across multiple platforms including international film festivals, art galleries, and installations, and have won a handful of awards along the way. One of Scott’s more recent films, Infinitude, was curated as part of Vimeo’s “Staff Pic” collection and was featured by arts and cultural blogs such as Wired, Gizmodo, Petapixel, and Fstoppers. Scott’s commissions and collaborator list includes Panasonic, Change for Children, CUSO International, Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters, and the Alberta Treasury Branch.

More artist information here.

Gallery will be open to the public October 18 – 27 from 3:00pm – 8:00pm. Artist will be in attendance October 17th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th, 27th between 4:00 – 4:30pm.

Moon Viewing

Sidewalk astronomy in the town of Jasper! A Park Interpreter will have an assortment of telescopes and binoculars set up for moon viewing. Drop by for five minutes or stay for an hour.

More tickets released, get yours here!

On October 18th, we will celebrate the opening of the Jim Vena Stage at CN Place in Commemoration Park in Jasper. The Jim Cuddy Band will headline, supported by an opening performance by Maddie Storvold. Although free to the public, tickets will be required.

Event Time:

  • 6:00pm – Doors open
  • 7:00pm – Opening performance by Maddie Storvold
  • 8:00pm – The Jim Cuddy Band performance
  • 9:30pm – Concert ends

Location: Commemoration Park, Pyramid Lake Road behind the Jasper Activity Center

Tickets: Tickets are FREE to the public, reserve your spot here

Seating: The public is encouraged to bring their own chairs to ensure they have a seat

On-Site Amenities:

  • Beer garden provided by Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen– an experience by Pursuit (18+ restricted)
  • A selection of warm food and beverages will be provided by Coco’s Café.
    • Tomato-Gin soup with Grilled Cheese
    • Lynn’s Butter Chicken with naan bread
    • Vegetarian chili with sourdough toast
    • Cookies and treats
    • Coffee, tea and hot chocolate

* Bring Cash – no ATM onsite (the closest ATM can be found in the Activity Center)

  • Public bathrooms


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