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Food Lab

Mixing Food and Science, FOOD LAB is a fun, interactive cooking demo of molecular gastronomy at which ingredients meet technology in quirky cooking techniques to obtain unique flavors, textures and style. The best part? You get to eat.

Lunacy, starring Jay Ingram and the Beaker Band

Our attraction to the moon was first expressed through music, poetry, even superstition. Science fiction then created a shift toward thinking about the moon in a scientific, technological way. Now, with plans for lunar-orbiting space station, we are about to make it an extension of the earth itself.

Our fascination with the moon has not always been pure; the “race to the moon” was driven by military, propaganda and patriotic considerations. What place will the moon occupy in our future? Lunacy is a musical, scientific, visual exploration of our relationship with our closest celestial body, past, present and future.



The Race to Mars. Will we launch a crewed mission to Mars in 20 years? What will it take to get there? Join an illustrious panel for an in-depth discussion about the challenges and successes both private and public space organizations have experienced in their quest to land humans on the red planet. This dynamic conversation will surely be an audience favourite. The panel: Dr. Robert Thirsk, Rob Meyerson, Dr. Shawna Pandya, and moderated by Alan Nursall!

Food and beverages will be available for purchase provided by Coco’s Cafe. The menu includes:

  • Butter Chicken on rice with Naan
  • Tomato Gin soup with grilled cheese
  • Veggie chili with sourdough toast
  • Fresh baked cookies
  • Coffee, tea & hot chocolate
  • Wine & beer

Keynote – Jad Abumrad of Radiolab

How do you craft an emotional story while translating very technical and abstract information? Drawing from raw tape of interviews with scientists, Jad Abumrad focuses on the inherent struggles in science communication (or interpreting any technical or difficult information) – what happens when you get it wrong, how to fix it, and how it’s useful to embrace error in the process. With opening performance by the Beaker Band from 6-7pm.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase provided by Coco’s Cafe. The menu includes:

  • Butter Chicken on rice with Naan
  • Tomato Gin soup with grilled cheese
  • Veggie chili with sourdough toast
  • Fresh baked cookies
  • Coffee, tea & hot chocolate
  • Wine & beer

STAR package

Attend two great events for one great price! For $50, dark sky enthusiasts can attend both the Keynote presentation by Jad Abumrad AND the fascinating SPACEtalks panel.

Photograph the Stars: A How-to Guide to Astrophotography, with Jeff Bartlett

In 2018, Jeff Bartlett debuted Chasing Darkness, Episode 01: Alberta, Canada, during the Dark Sky Festival. This year, he is going to teach you how to capture your own dark sky images in just 90-minutes.
During Photograph the Stars: A How-to Guide to Astrophotography, Bartlett will move quickly, beginning with the basics and ending on timelapse techniques that will help take your own night-sky photography adventures to another planet. It’s a high-paced, hands-on event that will leave you longing to explore the Jasper Dark Sky Preserve through your own lens.

About Jeff Bartlett

Jeff Bartlett is an adventure photographer and filmmaker based in the Canadian Rockies. His work blends adventure and vibrant landscapes to portray a true sense of place.

Band: Reuben and the Dark

Reuben and the Dark are a Canadian indie folk band from Calgary, Alberta and have made monumental artistic statements with powerful imagery and lush sonic detail at the forefront of their sound. Come enjoy this exciting event!

Mountain Galleries Presents: Dark Sky Painting Workshop

October 19th  1PM to 4PM 

Location: Mountain Galleries Warehouse Studio

Both beginner and seasoned painters are welcome at this Dark Sky Painting workshop.  Inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”  and taught by artist /filmmaker Wendy Wacko This class will be taught using water-based paints and explore experimental techniques used by Lawren Harris , Doris McCarthy and Emily Carr. Each Student will leave the class with a framed painting they will be proud of. All materials  are supplied and the event will be catered by one of  Jasper’s most loved cafes.

Please inquire with Mountain Galleries Jasper by email for tickets.


Dark Skies & Bold Reds

Liquor Lodge presents Dark Skies & Bold Reds!

A series of complimentary wine discovery opportunities at our two locations this year during the Jasper Dark Sky Festival!

More info here.

Animals of the Night Hike

Come join Joy and Sean on this family-friendly night hike up on Pyramid Bench. You will have the opportunity to learn all about our nocturnal wildlife while we hike this scenic 4km route. There will be great views of our Dark Sky Preserve from the trail as well as the town lit up at night.

Details: Everyone is required to bring a flashlight (fully-charged phone is fine) for safety; however, we plan on not using them for much of the hike. We will rely on our eyes adjusting to night vision instead. A dim, red light or red cellophane wrap is acceptable and if you have a headlamp that can switch between the two settings, that’s ideal. Good hiking shoes will be mandatory as we will be out there in the dark, in potentially snowy conditions. Expect an elevation gain of around 100m.

Jasper National Park is the largest accessible Dark Sky Preserve in the World!

Date: Daily Oct. 16th – 25th

Time: 18:30-21:30

Location: Yellowhead Museum Parking Lot

Min.-Max. # of Participants: 2-10

Cost (cash only): $50 (Albertans: $37.50) 

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