Jay Ingram and The Beaker Band

Jay Ingram and The Beaker Band

Our attraction to the moon was first expressed through music, poetry, even superstition. Science fiction then created a shift toward thinking about the moon in a scientific, technological way. Now, with plans for lunar-orbiting space station, we are about to make it an extension of the earth itself.

Our fascination with the moon has not always been pure; the “race to the moon” was driven by military, propaganda and patriotic considerations. What place will the moon occupy in our future?

Lunacy is a musical, scientific, visual exploration of our relationship with our closest celestial body, past, present and future. 

Put together a science writer, a physiology prof, a composer for TV and film, a software geek, a guy who can’t remember what it’s like not to play music and what do you have? A great band. You might know them as The Free Radicals, The Cosmonauts, The Turbines, The Mountain Pine Beatles, The Mutations, The Famous Scientists (because there are none) The Qubits or the Sound Bytes. They come to the Jasper Dark Sky Festival to celebrate the Moon, past, present and future.


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