Rob Thacker

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Saturday, October 21

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Centennial Park
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Centennial Park
Friday, October 20: 7:30 pm
Saturday, October 21: 7:00 pm

Dr. Rob Thacker

If you’ve ever wondered what really makes the Universe tick, Dr. Rob Thacker is right there with you.

As one of a new breed of scientists engaging in the public sphere, he features weekly on CBC and other radio and television stations across the country. His trademark infectious enthusiasm and talent for explaining complex subjects in straightforward yet engaging way have made him a hit with audiences of all ages.

Rob is a world renowned expert in computational astrophysics, specifically the formation and evolution of galaxies, and has played leading roles in a series of ground-breaking computational achievements that have featured in the forefront Science and Nature publications. In recognition of this work he’s given invited talks around the world, has been awarded a Canada Research Chair, and was chosen by Canada’s astronomy community to lead the creation of the 5-year national astronomy and astrophysics research plan, which sets the priorities and programmes for the 800 people directly involved in astronomy research in Canada.

Unusually for an astrophysicist, Rob also has a prior career in merchant banking having been part of JP Morgan’s derivatives trading group. Through this experience he’s also taken a wider view of science, authoring studies on transferrable skills in science and technology for the federal government as well as co-authoring a textbook: “The Science Student’s Success Guide.”

For all his expertise in astrophysics, Rob is equally inspired to communicate about the scientific process, in turn helping people to understand the simple question: “What is science?” Aside from the hundreds of interviews he’s given over the last decade and helping host a science talk radio show that quadrupled the weekend market share of Halifax’s News 95.7, he is most proud of contributing to the education of dozens of truly exceptional students. In recognition of these remarkable efforts both in science and its promotion he was awarded the Nova Scotia Science Champion Award in 2015.