Draconid Meteor Shower

Friday, October 7

Flight Only
$79 + GST
8:00 PM

Flight + 2 Course Meal
$99 + GST

See the Draconid meteor shower from Jasper Skytram.

Blast off with space author Peter McMahon and astronomy experts from The Jasper Planetarium for an exclusive stargazing and meteor-gazing experience atop the Jasper Skytram. Your flight will take you nearly 1 km closer to the stars, at the Skytram Upper Station, where you'll have the chance to see faint and bright meteors as well as look through the most powerful telescopes in the Rockies, under the darkest skies in the Rockies, on top of the Rockies.

Join a guided tour of the Solar System, view distant galaxies, and catch some of the expected 10-or-more meteors per-hour (about 1 bright meteor every 5 minutes or so)*

You'll also have a chance to attend a special talk on Canada's dark skies, the science of shooting stars, or a quick workshop on how to photograph objects in the night sky with your DSLR camera.

Return flights run between 9.30pm - 10.30pm. We recommend dressing warmly. 

*Weather-permitting. In the event the skies are clouded-over, an extended indoor portion will take place at the Upper SkyTram Station and we'll have the chance to explore the Athabasca River Valley (including the town of Jasper) through our telescopes on the mountain.

**Please arrive at least 20 min prior to your scheduled flight time.