Saturday, October 22

No Charge
Centennial Field
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Explore various areas of science with hands-on demonstrations, experiments and table top displays that explore the nature of light, optics, projectiles, cool chemistry, brain teasers, and other science topics with staff from Jasper Dark Sky Festival’s signature sponsor the TELUS World of Science - Edmonton. 

Join Josh Classen, CTV Edmonton’s chief meteorologist, as he hosts this year’s Big Bang Expo presented by TELUS World of Science - Edmonton. When he's not forecasting and delivering Edmonton's most trusted weather outlook, Josh is supporting numerous Edmonton charities and educating forecasters of the future. 

Rocket Launches - $30/rocket

Individuals who built their rocket on Friday now get a chance to launch their rocket for all to see!  At 1:00 p.m. the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton will also launch some larger rockets that take to the sky with a roar!  One of the bigger rockets will also have a video camera, so don’t forget to say “cheese” when that one launches!  During the day, Individuals can also purchase an almost ready to fly rocket for $30.00/rocket (which includes engines and supplies for two launches) but supplies are limited. 

Pop Bottle Rocket Launches

Dress up a 2-litre pop bottle with a paper nose cone and fins and you are ready to launch a water and air fueled rocket.  Great fun for all!  After launching your pop bottle rocket the bottles can be returned for others to use.

Space and Science Presentations

11:00 AM - John Rennie: This Lucky Moment in the Light

The universe we see in the night sky used to look scarily different, and in just a few billion years it will be even more spectacular—but much less hospitable! The former editor of Scientific American describes how and why the human race is fortunate enough to enjoy this brief, glorious era in cosmic history.

12:00 PM - Alan Dyer: Coming to a Sky Near You

A veteran of 15 eclipses, Alan outlines what to expect on August 21, 2017 when the shadow of the Moon crosses southern North America for the first time since 1979, producing a total eclipse of the Sun across the continental U.S. Where should you go? What will you see? The eclipse will be an astronomical spectacle not to be missed. 

1:00 PM - Jaymie Matthews: Under A Red Sun: Could Anyone Live On Planet Proxima b?

We recently discovered the nearest star to our Sun harbours a planet in its Habitable Zone.  How did we find Proxima b? What do we know about it?   What's the Canadian connection?
Is it possible to live under the light - and violent flares - of the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri?  Get the latest inside scoop from exoplanet hunter Prof. Jaymie Matthews.

Planetarium Shows in the TELUS World of Science Edmonton’s Inflatable Planetarium

Learn what’s out in our night sky through a guided exploration under the dome in the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton’s inflatable planetarium.  Show times are every half hour starting at 11:00 a.m. and running until 3:00 p.m.  Maximum group size for each showing is approximately 30 individuals.  No charge.Located at the Jasper Jr. Sr. High School, gymnasium - across from Centennial Field.

Observe the Sun with RASC - Edmonton Centre

Mom always told you never to look at the Sun. Well, now you can! Astronomers from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada-Edmonton Centre will be on hand with their specialized telescopes to show you the awesomeness of the star closest to Earth - the Sun!

All-Star Telescope

All-Star Telescope will set up a display booth with telescopes, astronomy equipment and books for sale to the public. Managed by the owners of All-Star Telescope, Bev & Ken will offer their expert advice on observing, astro-photography and equipment.   

Warrior Women

Matricia and Mac-1 - Copy - Copy.jpg

Warrior Women, consisting of Matricia and Mackenzie Brown are back this year with a new creative endeavor. Our youth craft is Mandalas that reflect the Cree constellations and the wonder the First People's of Canada felt when they star gazed. 

Nocturnal Animal Adaptations

While the stars may show themselves off during dark nights in Jasper, the animals are doing quite the opposite. Join a Parks Canada Interpreter to learn firsthand how Jasper’s nocturnal animals thrive in the darkness with our display surrounding nocturnal animal adaptations.

Green Screen Photography Opportunity

Not everyone wants to wait up until 3:00 a.m. to get the perfect picture of the dark sky - although we applaud those who do! 

If you want to be in that dramatic dark sky photo but also want to keep your regular sleep pattern, drop by our green screen and we’ll be your photographer. You can choose from three different dark sky backdrops.