Beyond the Stars

Friday, October 21

No Charge
Lake Annette
8:00 - 11:00 PM

Power down. Look up.

Join us along the shores of Lake Annette for one of the most memorable star gazing experiences in the World. Offering people of all ages a variety of free, intimate and interactive programming with TELUS World of Science–Edmonton, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada-Edmonton Centre, Dark Sky Photographers, Parks Canada Interpreters and other special guests. No charge.


Lake Annette Shuttle

Shuttles run from 7:30PM until 10:45PM

From Centennial Field: 7:30PM, every 15 minutes
From Sawridge: 7:35PM, every 15 minutes
Return shuttles: 8:00PM to 11:30PM, every 15 minutes

Parking is extremely limited. Shuttles provide event goers with the best access to the event.


Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Edmonton Centre

Participate in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) - Edmonton Centre's Discover Your Universe with the RASC and enter a chance to win a Celestron FirstScope TElescope! Visit the RASC information desk at the site for more details. 

Warrior Women


Warrior Women, consisting of Matricia and Mackenzie Brown are back this year with a new creative endeavour, songs and Sky stories! The theme is from "Asani to Achakos". From Mother Earth to Father Sky, Asani is literally translated in to Rock, and Achakos is Star. 


Guest Speakers

Alan Dyer

Our Place in the Milky Way - With the spiral arms of our Galaxy above us at Lake Annette, Alan takes you on a tour of the Milky Way, explaining where we are and why we see what we do in the autumn sky.  

Ross Lockwood

Does life exist beyond Earth? Are intelligent civilizations awaiting discovery in the vast reaches of outer space? Dr. Ross Lockwood, an Earth-bound explorer and aspiring astronaut who has simulated life on the surface of Mars, will take you on an adventure through space and time.

Jaymie Matthews

Under A Red Sun: Could Anyone Live On Planet Proxima b?
We recently discovered the nearest star to our Sun harbours a planet in its Habitable Zone.  How did we find Proxima b? What do we know about it?   What's the Canadian connection? Is it possible to live under the light - and violent flares - of the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri?  Get the latest inside scoop from exoplanet hunter Prof. Jaymie Matthews.

Orientation of the Night Sky with Parks Canada

Join Parks Canada’s Brian Catto on the shores of Lake Annette for a laser pointer tour of the stars and celestial features.

Music by the Fire

It was stories and songs shared from one generation to the next, not scribbles and scribes in books that served to pass along the history and culture of Indigenous Peoples. Gather around a cozy campfire and learn some of the stories and songs significant to the area, and immerse yourself in the rhythm of local Indigenous cultures.