Written by: Sabrina Doyle

What to expect from the new Drone Light Show coming to the Jasper Dark Sky Festival

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There’s a universal awe that comes from staring up into a sky full of stars. For millennia, people have told stories about the shapes they see in those twinkling dots above – but what if we could actually tell stories by making the stars move. That’s a bit of the magic that drone light shows create. And the result is spectacular. 

What is a Drone Light Show?

It’s a way of telling a visually stunning story in the sky. Hundreds of synchronized drones are programmed to fly in a coordinated way that creates 3D moving images in the air. Suspended above, the lights being projected by the drones can change colour, shape, and choreography. A drone light show combines a bit of the otherworldly glitz of fireworks and the refined storytelling control of a picture book, with a good dose of techy coolness too. Fun fact: they’re also “greener” than fireworks; the drones are reusable and do not produce chemical, water, fire, or noise pollution.

*Flying drones for recreational use is prohibited within Jasper National Park. Anyone caught operating a drone without an approved permit may incur law enforcement action and a fine up to $25,000.

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