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What Happens When Stars Align? A 64% Lower Ticket Price!

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Attend two great events for one great price! For $50, dark sky enthusiasts can attend both the Keynote presentation by Jad Abumrad AND the fascinating SPACEtalks panel.

At only $50 this year, the Jasper Dark Sky Festival’s most budget-friendly ticket option, the Star Package will make your wallet even happier.

The Star Package grants you access to two great events for one great price. Families, students, and anyone else who is eager to see more of their favourite science celebrities for less money should already be rushing to add this package to their checkout cart.

Why did we reduce the price from $140 to $50 this year?

Helping more people discover the wonder of the universe is important to us at Tourism Jasper. So, we worked with our dedicated sponsors to make this world class festival even more accessible to more celestial fans.

The Star Package grants access to both the Keynote presentation by Jad Abumrad AND the fascinating SPACEtalks panel, taking place in the CN festival tent at 305 Bonhomme Street, in Jasper.

KEYNOTE – JAD ABUMRAD OF RADIOLAB October 25, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

How do you craft an emotional story while translating very technical and abstract information? Drawing from raw tape of interviews with scientists, Jad Abumrad focuses on the inherent struggles in science communication (or interpreting any technical or difficult information) – what happens when you get it wrong, how to fix it, and how it’s useful to embrace error in the process. With opening performance by the Beaker Band from 6-7pm.

SPACETALKS October 26, 3pm to 5:00 pm The Race to Mars. Will we launch a crewed mission to Mars in 20 years? What will it take to get there? Join an illustrious panel for an in-depth discussion about the challenges and successes both private and public space organizations have experienced in their quest to land humans on the red planet. This dynamic conversation will surely be an audience favourite. The panel: Dr. Robert Thirsk, Rob Meyerson, and Dr. Shawna Pandya!


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