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See you next year!

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2018 Jasper Dark Sky Festival and helped make it the tremendous success it was.

We laughed, we learned, we leapt a little closer to the universe beyond. The 2018 Jasper Dark Sky Preserve brought together some of the greatest minds from astronomy and science communication, not to mention three NASA astronauts.

Even though we’re still riding the glow from two weeks of fascinating talks, beautiful stargazing and planetarium shows, it’s never too late to mark the calendar for next year’s festival. To that end, get marking people! The 2019 festival will be lighting up our hearts once again October 1827.

In the meantime, here’s some of what the 2018 roster of speakers had to say about the festival and Jasper’s Dark Sky Preserve.

“This festival brings together like-minded people who all love science and space and so you get to meet people who are just like you and talk about stuff that you’re passionate about! We have to have a space like this where we can come back to the realization that we are all humans on this planet floating through the solar system and through the universe.”

– Emily Calandrelli

“Jasper’s designation of dark sky preserve is critical for allowing us to see what’s up in the heavens. When I was in space, you could see the cities’ outlines by their light signature; that’s not a place for astronomy. But flying over this place, you can see. Jasper is such an extraordinary place to look up and admire the night sky.”

– Leland Melvin

“Let’s face it, you can find dark skies in many parts of the world. But it’s not comfy, it’s not interesting and there’s no culture and no good food, and Jasper offers all of that! It’s one of the most spectacular festivals. You meet the most friendly and interesting people. It’s so wonderful.”

– Seth Shostak

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